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The RECIF Project

This project seeks to contribute to the shaping of an experience-sharing model and encourage collaboration among teachers in the use of media resources - films, facilitating the recovery of these as an object to suit different topics covered in class. Watch out that the use as an educational resource is low cost and allows adoption to various public and filmic genres.


The original proposal concerned only the universe of more than a hundred already launched animations, with the possibility to use them as a learning object (OA). The implementation of Informational Content Retrieval Project filmic - RECIF - was structured aiming in the future participatory modeling, available in collaboration network, as an alternative to teachers perfecting this teaching technique.


Sharing Ideas


Movies or parts of them help the teacher to work relevant issues that occur on a daily basis, using figure of fun and playful way language. The identification of action of a filmic stretch as a learning object is a valuable educational opportunity to motivate the learning of future generations.


However, the problems begin with the cost associated with storage of practice regarding the use of the film as an educational resource, then the difficulty in recovering the informational content. From this perception comes the idea RECIF with a view to implementing Recovery Information System, for educational purposes.


The investigation stems from the practice of animated film of use in the classroom by Profa.Maria do Carmo Duarte Freitas - with guidance of two final course work. In guidance Livia Regina Nogueira dos Santos, course graduate student Information Management, the Federal University of Parana - UFPR - was born the first proposal of organizing the films used by the teacher as a website.


The continuity of the idea by the Applied Research Group on Science, Information and Technology - GPCIT - occurred with expansion of the base and translation into English, Spanish and French. The proposed system is part of the master's dissertation Miguel Angel Tobias Martinez, as a tool that facilitates and encourages the use of filmic content animation or not in the classroom.


Doing searches on RECIF Base


1 - For concept / theme - you type the concept / theme you want, the result brings a list of scenes related to the request for its decision in light of its objectives.


2 - For animation / movie - for example, you remember that watched a movie but do not remember exactly the scene. Typing the name of the film, the base will display the list of summaries of each scene estreaming (time starts and ends the scene).

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